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    New SDS Guides for Providers Published

    Having Fun
    These latest Self-Directed Support guides focus on inspection and regulation, as well as risk enablement and adult protection.

    Royal College of Nursing (RCN) Conference (

    In the Park
    Wed 12 November - Thu 13 November
    The conference is aimed at providing nurses across all settings with the tools to deliver more effective bladder and bowel rehabilitation and management. Learn about the issues for older people and those with cognitive impairment, especially those with learning disabilities and dementia.

    'Outside the Box' Development Support Events for SDS & RCOP

    'We’re Here Too' is bringing together people who want to see more opportunities for all older people to b...

    A reflection piece on human rights and care standards

    The review of the National Care Standards: does it really offer a human rights approach?

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    National Care Home Open DayNational Care Home Open Day - 21st June 2013

    Care homes are taking centre stage and you're all invited...


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