Welcome to the Innovation and Improvement section of our website. This has been developed in response to Scottish Care’s commitment to sharing, promoting and evidencing the outcomes of the innovative care and support delivered by our sector.

Scotland is recognised as being a world leader in integrated health and social care services. Being the largest provider of health social care services, the Independent is in an ideal position to lead the way in innovative practice.  Supported by Scottish Care’s Innovation and Improvement Group, this section aims to showcase the innovative practice being delivered as well as being a resource for those planning to develop their services.

Innovation is critical to the continuing success of any organisation; this includes those involved in the delivery of health and social care services.

Whether embarking on a major test of change, developing a new model of care, exploring opportunities for development or making small changes in the way you deliver your services, having access to support and a wide range of resources will ease the journey. Such resources can be found in this section.


This section aims to

  • Share innovation
  • Evidence informed practice
  • Share knowledge and learning from tests of change
  • Be an improvement resource for services and individuals
  • Promote the positives outcomes for those in receipt of services from Independent sector providers of health and social care
  • Highlight the wide range of models of care currently provided both nationally and internationally
  • Be a resource for those exploring the development of new services
  • Signpost to external Improvement and Support agencies
  • Provide the opportunity to showcase innovation in practice.


This section is aimed primarily for providers of health and social care though contributions from partner organisations and individuals are welcome. It is very much “work in progress” so please get in contact if you have any comments or suggestions for the content.


Margaret McKeith

National Lead, Partners for Integration


Tel: 07415979729