Scottish Care’s Executive Committee assists the management in the day to day running of the company, agrees strategies and suggests policies for adoption by the National Committee.

The policy making body of Scottish Care, the National Committee, generally consists of a member from each Local Authority region. An automatic place is offered to corporate member providers; corporate members are designated as an organisation with more than 10 care homes or a care at home/housing support organisation delivering more than 8,000 hours of care per week.

Members of Scottish Care Executive Committee 2016/17

  • Dr Donald Macaskill Chief Executive, Director
  • Iain Buchan Chairman, Director
  • Robin Sidebottom Vice Chairman, Director
  • Joan McGregor Small Groups Representative, Director
    Charles Young Voluntary Sector Representative, Director
  • John Kirk Corporate Director
  • Alex Wilson Corporate Director
  • Kirsty Dace Corporate Director
  • Elizabeth Roscoe/Paula Keys Corporate Director
  • Peter Millar CAH & HSS Corporate Director
  • Anna Houston CAH & HSS Corporate, Director
  • Rob Harper Director

Members of Scottish Care National Committee 2016/17

  • Dr Donald Macaskill Chief Executive
  • Iain Buchan Chairman
  • Robin Sidebottom Vice Chairman
  • David Bothwell Chair of CAH&HSS Aberdeen/ Aberdeenshire Branch
  • Christopher Curnin Chair of CH Angus Branch
  • Denis McGlennon Chair of CAH&HSS Argyll & Bute
  • Nigel Wanless Chair of CH Ayrshire Branch
  • Rosalind Carr Chair of CAH&HSS North, South & East Ayrshire Branch
  • Jim Armstrong Chair of CH Scottish Borders Branch
  • VACANT Chair CAH&HSS Scottish Borders Branch
  • Jim Gatherum Chair  of CH Dumfries & Galloway Branch
  • Margaret Paterson Chair of CAH&HSS Dumfries & Galloway Branch
  • Harry Locherty Chair of CH Dundee Branch
  • Peter McCormick Chair of CH Edinburgh & Lothians Branch
  • Carol Craig & Rhona Bremner Chairs of CAH&HHS Edinburgh & the Lothians
  • Gary Connor Chair of CAH&HSS Falkirk – Forth Valley Branch
  • Rachel Duff Chair of CH Fife Branch
  • Vacant Chair of CAH Fife
  • Arthur McLean Chair of CH Glasgow Branch
  • David Reilley Chair of CAH&HSS Glasgow Branch
  • Jennifer Wishart Chair of CH Grampian Branch
  • Christopher Allan Chair of CH Highland Branch
  • Stephen Pennington  Chair of CAH&HSS Highlands, Western Isles, Orkney Branch
  • Ron Taylor Chair of CH Moray Branch
  • Stephen Giles Chair of CH North Lanarkshire Branch
  • Jim Fordyce Chair of CAH&HSS North & South Lanarkshire
  • Alastair Stewart Chair of CH Perth and Kinross Branch
  • George Lang Chair of CAH&HSS Perth & Kinross, Dundee and Angus Branch
  • Rhonda Ormshaw Chair  of CH South Lanarkshire Branch
  • VACANT Chair of CH Stirling, Falkirk, & Clackmannanshire Branch
  • Charles Young   Chair of CH West of Scotland (Argyll and Bute, Inverclyde & Renfrewshire Branch, East Ren, East & West Dunbartonshire)
  • Anna Houston Chair of CAH&HSS West of Scotland (Inverclyde & Renfrewshire Branch, East Ren, East & West Dunbartonshire)
  • John Kirk Four Seasons Health Care Ltd Corporate Member
  • Kirsty Dace BUPA Care Homes, Corporate Member
  • Alex Wilson Barchester Health Care Ltd Corporate Member
  • Joan McGregor Fairfield Care
  • Mary Preston Meallmore Ltd, Corporate Member
  • Elizabeth Roscoe HC-One, Corporate Member
  • Allan Logan Crossreach, Corporate Member
  • Peter Bailey Crossreach, Corporate Voluntary Sector Member
  • Theresa Cull Mears/ILS Corporate Member
  • Peter Millar Aspire, Housing Support Member representative
  • Catherine Balmer Company Secretary

Branch Areas may be subject to change in the future.

To contact any members of the Scottish Care Committees or for more information, contact the Scottish Care office.