Social media is now accepted as being not only a significant development of the Internet, but also as responsible for a major shift in how we communicate and interact as a society. As individuals, groups and businesses, we are all moving from being knowledge consumers to knowledge producers. This is the case for Scottish Care.

Social media is the use of the Internet and web based technologies for the sharing of information between members, partners and the general public. Scottish Care wants to ensure it can reach a full range of partners and that our information is accessible to all through a variety of platforms and formats. 

For information sharing and engagement purposes, we have chosen to use Yammer as a social media platform. We hope that you will find it beneficial.

Scottish Care’s goal is to use Yammer as a collaborative environment to connect with colleagues and bridge various departments and geographic locations to share meaningful information

We are using Yammer as an invite-only* platform to provide us with an opportunity to continue discussing our work in between meetings and events. It is a secure environment in which we can share and learn.

Yammer makes our communication:

  • real-time
  • social
  • mobile
  • collaborative
  • contextual

You can use Yammer to share tasks, ask questions and look for information. Over time it will become a professional network, discussion board and knowledge base.

Once you have received your invite, you can login to Yammer here:

This Yammer network is exclusively for Scottish Care members. We will use other Yammer networks to engage with other partners.

To request an invite, email

* Members can invite new people to join. Click the Invite button on the top right of your screen on Yammer to invite new people.