Adult Protection

Every adult has the right to live safe from abuse and neglect. Scottish Care is committed to ensuring that ever adult who uses care home or care at home/housing support services is protected from harm. We aim to ensure that resources are available to help staff and adults understand how to best safeguard an individual. As a membership organisation we contribute to the work of Scottish government and others in seeking to increase the protection of all our citizens.

Adults at risk are people who are vulnerable because of their mental health, physical disability, age or illness. They may find it difficult to protect themselves from abuse.

Everybody can help adults at risk to live free from harm.

This section of the website contains resources which will help you understand adult protection and what it might mean for you as someone who uses or provides services and supports.

Act Against Harm

Are you worried about someone who may be at risk of harm?
The Act against Harm website is a public site with details of who to contact when someone, or someone you know, is at risk of harm. The website has lots of information, including how to recognise when an adult may be at risk of harm and examples of the type of support that can be provided once a concern has been reported:
Act against Harm

Adult Support and Protection Practitioners

If you are someone who works in an organisation which supports others, who helps staff to understand their role and responsibilities, not least around reporting concerns then you will find resoruces and support available at With Scotland

Adult Protection Committees

Adult Protection Committees set the strategic direction for multi-agency working at the local level in accordance with the Act. Each Local Authority area across Scotland has a committee in place and elects a Convener. More information, including biennial reports on the exercising of each committee's functions in the preceding two years:

Adult Protection Committee Conveners

Lastly each year there is a national campaign to raise awareness of issues of adult protection. The 2016 campaign with support resources can be found here.