As a benefit of being a member of Scottish Care, you will have access to a wide range of exclusive deals and prices for key products and services from suppliers to the care sector.

These products and services include but are not limited to:

  • Furniture
  • Gloves & aprons
  • Uniforms
  • Safety equipment
  • IT services
  • Databases
  • Energy providers
  • Call monitoring
  • Insurance
  • Training
  • Vehicles
  • Banking

As a valued Scottish Care member, our exhibitors and suppliers will offer you access to a wide range of potential savings.  Many suppliers are committed to supporting the Scottish Care annual conferences and exhibitions.  Between those events their services are profiled through the Scottish Care Bulletin, detailing ‘members only’ reductions in services and supply costs.

For more information on exclusive supplier deals for Scottish Care Members, or to become one of our preferred suppliers, contact:

Karen Hedge

Telephone: 01292 270240


Scottish Care cannot make personal recommendations, endorse or perform any external audits on the suppliers.  Members are strongly advised to contact suppliers directly. However, we may be able to connect you with Scottish Care members who have used some of the suppliers featured.