Putting Human Rights into the Commissioning Cycle: How to Articulate Your Gut Instinct

May 2019

A Care Twilight Zone

May 2019

Qualifying Care: An Exploration of Social Care Registration Qualifications in Scotland

March 2019

EU Exit Briefing for Scottish Care Members

March 2019


Care Home Workforce Data 2018

December 2018

Independent Sector Nursing Data 2018

December 2018

Care Homes: Then, Now and the Uncertain Future

November 2018

Focus on Partners for Integration & Improvement

September 2018

TechRights: Human Rights, Technology and Social Care

August 2018

The Experience of the Experienced: Exploring employment journeys of the social care workforce

June 2018

Care Cameo: Spirituality is Everyone's Business

June 2018

7 Self-Directed Support Suggestions: Elderly Armchair Advice

June 2018

The 4Rs: The Open Doors of Recruitment & Retention in Social Care

March 2018

Care Cameo: Let's Talk about Sex...uality

March 2018

Care Cameo: #Careaboutcare Blog Highlights 2017

February 2018

Care at Home Contracts and Sustainability Report 2018

January 2018


Care Cameo: Human Rights & Social Care

December 2017

Care Cameo: Human Rights & Dementia

November 2017

Fragile Foundations: Exploring the mental health of the social care workforce and the people they support

November 2017

Independent Sector Nursing Data 2017

November 2017

Care Cameo: This Speaks to Me

October 2017

Supporting Solace: Palliative & End of Life Care Data Report 2017

October 2017

Care Cameos: Meaningful Days

August 2017

A Human Rights Based Approach to SDS for Older People

August 2017

Care Home Workforce Data Report 2017: Infographic

July 2017

Care Home Workforce Data Report 2017

July 2017

Voices from the Nursing Front Line: Update Report 2017

June 2017

Bringing Home Care: A Vision for Reforming Home Care in Scotland

May 2017

Trees that Bend in the Wind: Exploring the Experiences of Front Line Support Workers Delivering Palliative and End of Life Care

February 2017


Voices from the Nursing Front Line

November 2016

Independent Sector Nursing Data 2016

November 2016

National Care Home Contract Reform : Results of Independent Sector Provider Survey July 2016

August 2016

Convention on the Rights of Adults and Older People Receiving Care at Home or Housing Support

June 2016

An Agenda for Care

April 2016

Voices from the Frontline

February 2016

SDS and Older People in Scotland

January 2016

SDS and Older People in Scotland

January 2016


Convention on the Rights of Residents in Care Homes for Adults and Older People

November 2015

Towards a Partnership for Improvement: Independent Sector Providers’ Experiences of Regulation and Inspection by the Care Inspectorate

September 2015

A Question of Engagement: Measuring workforce engagement in the independent and voluntary sectors

August 2015

In the Front Line: Supplementary Report on Agency Staffing

July 2015

In the Front Line: Social Care Providers Survey Report on Recruitment and Retention

July 2015

Home Delivery: A Profile of the Care at Home Sector in Scotland

May 2015


An introduction to self-directed support for providers

Guide 1

The values and principles of self-directed support

Guide 2

Outcomes assessment in self-directed support services

Guide 3

Support planning and the provider’s role

Guide 4

The four SDS options

Guide 5

Inspection and regulation

Guide 6

Risk enablement and adult protection

Guide 7