Getting it Right for Older People in North Ayrshire

This project is a partnership between Scottish Care, who have received funding to undertake work on older people and self-directed support and North Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership as well as other local stakeholders.

The primary focus of this project is to explore the application of a human rights based approach, consistent with the statutory principles within the SDS Act, in the operational delivery of older people’s care and support.

Who is involved?

What is envisaged is an intensive, short-term practice oriented project which will last a total of 15 months. A full-time Scottish Care practitioner, Carlyn Miller is responsible for the project and its deliverables and is working alongside statutory officers and local partners within North Ayrshire to achieve these.

The project will also involve Scottish Care’s Local Integration Lead for the area as well as a Local GIRFOP Development Officer who will be employed as of June 1st to work specifically on this project.


At present, we are seeking to engage older people’s support providers representing the range of provision across the authority. The idea is that each of these providers could help engage at least 2-4 individuals who use their services, as well as 2-4 staff members to become part of our GIRFOP development group.

It is through this development group of up to potentially 20-25 individuals that the project will be conducted.

The membership of each local group will critically include local authority staff and ideally representatives of senior management as well as other statutory partners.

The practitioner and Local Development Officer will work with each group to explore current practice and models and their strengths and weaknesses, not least in fitting with a human rights based approach. If necessary the group will refine these or seek to develop more bespoke and local approaches to self-directed support for older individuals.


The exact focus of work for the project will be left to these development groups and will emerge more clearly after initial meetings. GIRFOP could potentially include, work on eligibility criteria; new commissioning models which would include the older supported person; developing any new models for older people assessment; approaches to support planning around outcomes for older individuals; workforce development with the local provider around self-directed support; modelling new approaches to risk for older individuals, especially those with challenges related to capacity and where learning can be drawn from work on adults with incapacity.

Find out more

For more information, or if you are a provider, older person or carer living in North Ayrshire and would like to be part of our development group please get in touch with, Carlyn Miller at

You can also follow the project on twitter at: