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Convention on the Rights of People receiving Care at Home and Housing Support Services

On November 20th 2015, we launched our, "Convention on the Rights of Residents in Care Homes for Adults and Older People.”  Since then, we have new providers, organisations and individuals signing up to its terms every day committing to embed a human rights based approach in residential care. 

Based on this success and feedback from the residents involved we decided to replicate this work for Care at Home and Housing Support services. 

How we achieved this

We reached out to three Care at Home and Housing Support providers for their help in engaging with the people they work for. We wanted to recreate the same focus group style discussions which reflect human rights principles of participation, empowerment and non-discrimination. 

During these groups, we got to know those taking part through games and ice breakers, we ate sandwiches and drank tea but most importantly we found out:

  • What’s important to you when receiving care at home/housing support services? 
  • What does good care look like? 
  • What rights are important to you? 
  • How can we best uphold them in a care at home or housing support setting? 

What has happened since?

Since then we’ve been working hard to bring all of this together in a single document which reflects the views of the people we spoke to and carries the weight of human rights behind it. Similar to the Care Home process, we’ve found that the way people want to be treated when receiving care comes down to the most basic human rights principles and ultimately the way we all deserve to be treated as human beings- with dignity, respect and without discrimination. 

How to get involved

The Convention on the Rights of People receiving Care at Home and Housing Support services will be launched at our annual Care at Home Conference on June 23rd 2016. You will then be able to download a copy and sign up to its terms online. 

With thanks

We need to thank everyone who has helped us to create this Convention; the individuals who gave us their time, energy and honesty by coming to the focus groups; the provider organisations who were dedicated to the process and went above and beyond to help us organise these- Baillieston Community Care, Loretto Care and Constance Care with special thanks to David Reilly, Michael Timmons and Ruth Gray. 

Contact us

For further information about the process or for a hard copy of the Convention please contact Carlyn Miller-