Workforce Matters engages with colleagues throughout the health and social care sector to identify learning opportunities for member organisations.

Training events, e-learning course and development resources are all posted on our monthly e-bulletin newsletter (LINK).  However, if you have any specific learning or development need, please contact a member of the Workforce Matters Team directly.

Digital and On-Line Learning Resources

One of the many roles of the SSSC is to make sure Scotland has a skilled and competent workforce, able to meet the challenges facing social services in Scotland now and in the future.

There is growing recognition that learning doesn’t always have to be delivered through accredited learning courses or programmes; technology can be used to deliver it. Mobile technology, such as smartphones and tablets, has provided greater opportunities for this type of learning in the workplace.

The SSSC Learning Technologies team can help you and your workforce think differently about learning and development.  The team have created a Learning Zone webpage that contains many apps and resources that care providers can use to develop their workforce knowledge and skills. You can access the Learning Zone here:

You will find free apps to enable your workforce to relate learning to their daily tasks in the workplace. These include apps on dementia training, self-directed support and Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQs).

There are many learning resources developed by SSSC in partnership with Skills for Care and Development - as well as links to external learning resources - all designed to be accessed from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

For example, work has recently been completed on a new smartphone application on the "Safe Administration of Medication". This was produced in collaboration with the Care Inspectorate.  It is available for both iPhone and Android smartphones.

It is hoped that this area will grow over time and additional resources will be added.

For more information about all the digital learning resources provided by the SSSC, please contact the Learning Technologies team on 0345 60 30 891, or by email -